Tips for Success: Before, During, and After a Sales Meeting

While it’s true that more people than ever are shopping for and buying insurance online, for a large portion of the market there is still no substitute for a face-to-face meeting. People often want to know and trust their insurance agent, and many want to build a long-term relationship. The key to success in a sales meeting is to prove...[ read more ]

Positioning Yourself as an Insurance Industry Influencer

Agencies are always looking for ways to draw in new business. Traditional marketing is one way to attract new customers, but in this age of social media there are new methods that can be even more compelling. One is to become a respected insurance expert and to position yourself as a leader in the field. The buzzword title for this...[ read more ]

How to Make the Most of Web Leads

Whether you are new to buying leads or you’re just feeling a bit stagnant with your success, it’s always a good idea to review how you are handling the data you are receiving. While there is always a certain amount of junk in leads, most leads are worth time and effort, and you will never know their true value if...[ read more ]

5 Ways to Up Your Prospecting Game

Are you feeling stagnant with the pace of new client acquisitions? It may be time to update your prospecting strategy to create a pipeline of new clients that is predictable and sustainable. Many insurance agencies are still operating in inefficient and outdated ways or relying on methods that only yield sporadic results. While bringing in new business is much easier...[ read more ]

Continuous Improvement Using Your KPIs

KPIs, or Key Performance Indictors, are used by many types of organizations to evaluate many types of performance. The indicators vary but the process of understanding, measuring, and acting on the data is the same, no matter what you are measuring. For insurance agencies, using KPIs can be a great way to motivate your team. This type of focused analysis...[ read more ]

Create Success with Paid Leads

Buying leads is a fact of life for most insurance agencies these days, and in most cases, makes more sense than trying to generate first-person leads through in-house marketing efforts. Buying search engine marketing, or SEM, leads is a great way to break into new areas and build your customer base. So, how do you pick the right lead partner,...[ read more ]

Scripting for Follow-Up Call Success

Scripting is a technique you can use to improve the effectiveness of your calls. Winging it can work for some people, or in some situations, but knowing what you want to say and how you want to say it before you pick up the phone is the best way to have customers buy auto insurance from you. Here are some...[ read more ]