Positioning Yourself as an Insurance Industry Influencer

September 5th, 2018

Agencies are always looking for ways to draw in new business. Traditional marketing is one way to attract new customers, but in this age of social media there are new methods that can be even more compelling. One is to become a respected insurance expert and to position yourself as a leader in the field.

The buzzword title for this strategy is influencer. An influencer is someone who has established credibility in their industry and has created a large and loyal audience. Influencers can persuade their audience because of their authenticity and the trust they have built.

There are a couple of approaches you can take to get to this level.

Show Extensive Industry Knowledge

First, get started building your own audience by blogging, writing guest articles in trade publications, posting on LinkedIn and social media channels, and generally any outlet that will take you. Craft your message and stay consistent. But most of all, find out what people want and need and provide it for them.

Whether it’s a candid voice in the market space or a reassuring trusted advisor, give your audience what they want or need and is missing in the current environment.

Building your audience is not easy. It takes time, effort and commitment to spread your message consistently and widely. But, if you have something to say, people will listen, and a strong and loyal following is a seedbed for new customers.

Use Influencer Marketing

If you are just starting out on the path of becoming an influencer, you can give yourself a big boost by using the influencer marketing technique. This can take some of the heat of you and cast the net wider.

With this approach you target others who are well known and with whom you may already have a relationship, perhaps a high-profile customer. Getting an endorsement from someone well known and trusted in your community can have a big influence on your potential customers.

In addition, there may be lesser known people who are great champions of yours already. Look for those who are active on your social media channel and find ways to leverage their enthusiasm, maybe tapping into their audience also.

If you’ve met others at networking events or if you already follow an insurance-related blog that you really like, you should reach out to find the synergies between your audience and theirs. Everyone, at just about every level is looking to expand their audience, so just because someone may be way ahead of you, don’t think they will not be interested in reaching your audience also.

Deliver Services, Not Products

As you are building your reputation as an influencer, it’s important to remember that people see through marketing tactics. Always give your audience valuable information that they can use and focus on the service you are providing, rather than selling a product.

With hard work, persistence, and commitment you can build an audience that will listen when you speak and at the same time ensure a steady pool of new customers.


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