Scripting for Follow-Up Call Success

August 6th, 2018

Scripting is a technique you can use to improve the effectiveness of your calls. Winging it can work for some people, or in some situations, but knowing what you want to say and how you want to say it before you pick up the phone is the best way to have customers buy auto insurance from you. Here are some tips for scripting your follow-up sales calls.

Things to remember

Even though you are calling people who have already demonstrated an interest in buying auto insurance, it’s now your job to help them buy it from you. Scripts help you to address each person’s unique situation at the time of your call. At the very least, scripting allows you to leave a concise voicemail message that has a higher chance of being returned than a rambling plea.

Think about:

  • Your Choice of Words – One of the most effective ways to help a potential customer buy from you is to pay attention to the words you use. Your words should evoke feelings of compassion, caring, and understanding. Referring to the ways that you are looking out for them or their family, letting them know you are getting them great rates, and creating a sense of personal ownership, such as saying “your insurance policy”, are all ways to connect with the customer.
  • Your Tone of Voice – Make sure you are not rushing your words or sounding robotic. Nothing turns off a customer faster than a feeling that you are just reading a script.
  • Your Frequency and Timing – People are busy. And, just because a customer asked for auto insurance quotes a few minutes ago, it doesn’t mean they are now available to talk to you. Understand if they postpone the conversation and be courteous as you set up a follow up time.

Create Sample Scripts

Understanding how to talk to customers is one thing, but when you are on a live call you may struggle to get your words out smoothly. To help, take some time to put together some scripts that can ease you through a call. Here are some samples:

An Initial Call

“Hi [customer name], this is [your name] calling from [company name]. I just received information that you would like an auto insurance quote and I’ve been pulling together some numbers to help find the best policy for you and your family…”

A Second Call

“Hi [customer name], this is [your name] calling from [company name]. We spoke yesterday and I’m just following up to answer any questions you may have. I’m free any time today to review your auto insurance options and lock in those great rates we found….”

A Third Call

“Hi [customer name], this is [your name] calling from [company name]. I know your busy, so I just wanted to make sure you have everything you need to make your decision….”

Getting Ready for Your Call

Your leads are potential customers who have already shown an interest in buying insurance. However, in order to have them buy it from you, you’ll have to portray the right attitude and be able to really hear what they are saying.

Before your call, review what you are going to say by reading your script. You could even have several scripts handy that will help you through various scenarios.

The bottom line is, don’t wing it. Be prepared to be successful.


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