How to Make the Most of Web Leads

September 5th, 2018

Whether you are new to buying leads or you’re just feeling a bit stagnant with your success, it’s always a good idea to review how you are handling the data you are receiving. While there is always a certain amount of junk in leads, most leads are worth time and effort, and you will never know their true value if you are not making the most of the information you have.

Here are a few reminders of how to find success with web leads.

Act Fast

With real-time leads, the most important approach you can take is to act quickly. So, be sure you are set up to react at any time. Maybe keep a draft email introduction on your phone in case you are away from your desk. Or, have a script ready to go so you know exactly what to say and are not wasting time.

Many prospects simply go with the first person that contacts them and send all the others to the spam folder. Some even associate your fast response with good customer service should they choose you.

Be Persistent

Everyone knows that it is unusual to make a sale on the first try. It usually takes five or more attempts at contact before you actually talk to a prospect, let alone close a deal.

The key is to be persistent without pestering. Try calling the contact at the same time of day that they submitted the lead form. This may be a time of day when they are consistently available.

If you are not getting a response with one method, vary the way you contact them. Everyone has their own preferred communication method. Some people only like email, while others prefer to talk to someone on the phone. Find what works and suits their style.

Essentially, try everything. If you have the proper processes in place, this won’t be difficult and will yield much more success with leads than giving a half-hearted or sporadic effort.

Keep Track

Process are important when you are working leads. Whether you use a manual system, a spreadsheet, or a customer relationship management (CRM) system, you should always know where each lead is in your process and be able to move them along.

Using solid and detailed processes for contacting leads and nurturing them not only increases your success rate but gives you valuable information. By keeping track, you can analyze what is working well for you and what is not. You can then use this information as feedback for continuous improvement of your processes.

Making the most of web leads is not as simple as contacting a prospect and leaving a message. Success requires a thoughtful and persistent approach, as well as learning which methods work for you and which don’t so that you build a steady and stable stream of new business.


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