About Us

The team serving YOU at ConnectQuote is comprised of Internet Insurance Lead veterans who have witnessed the deterioration of the lead generation space and have a passion to improve it.

Combining over 50 years’ experience with best in class technology, controlled pure search supply and “service focused” customer service, ConnectQuote is set apart from the competition.

YOU want results and our experience produces results by bringing you consumers with the highest intent and best conversion in real-time. YOU deserve a better lead experience and the time is NOW!

Our Mission

Insurance leads do work, if you partner with the right source. Our goal is to provide YOU with the best opportunity to write new policies by focusing on sourcing consumers who ACTUALLY want a quote.

How we do it...

At ConnectQuote, we are all about getting back to the basics of online insurance lead marketing and doing things the RIGHT way.  CQ avoids (like the plague) the easier routes of incentivized traffic, email blasts, and social media. End result – a higher quality lead with a much higher propensity to close. We only have one lead category – the Best!